November 16, 2016
A great future ahead for the Village hub

The Ville de Mont-Tremblant has purchases ten properties located in heart of the Village sector at a cost of $4.5 million.  The goal: to protect the real estate in order to ensure that development projects meet the criteria set out in the specific town plan.  The future of this hub, with its undeniable charm, seems now to be carved in stone.

With contagious enthusiasm, the mayor of Mont-Tremblant, Luc Brisebois, talks about the project.  He notes that the Ville has a vision and now it has what it needs to make this vision a reality.  He reminds us that this project is part of the integrated business plan for tourism development - which has already been on the books for several years and whose aim is to improve and diversify the tourism offering and facilities concentrated around the five hubs:  Centre-ville, Domaine Saint-Bernard, parc national du Mont-Tremblant, the Village, and Tremblant Resort.

''This project is really exciting.  Our town is superb and the future of Mont-Tremblant depends on the development of these hubs,'' says Mayor Brisebois.  ''The Centre-ville projects are coming to fruition; now it's the Village's turn.  Acquiring these properties was essential,'' he adds.  ''We wanted to avoid having investors get their hands on them and break them up.  That would have endangered the achievement of our objectives and put the brakes on the PPU, the plan we have from our Town Planning Department,'' explains Mr. Brisebois, who also made a point of explaining that most of the properties will be resold to promoters who are apt to follow the town's plan.

A special place for culture and sports                                                                                                      The development plan, specifically created for this sector of town, is highly promising.  Mr. Brisebois emphasizes the importance to the Village of having a different flavour from Centre-ville and the Resort.  The Ville wants to make it a special destination for both outdoor sports and culture.  The plan is ambitious:  an enlarged window onto Lac Mercier; a covered public space in the heart of the Village - which can accommodate artisans, artists and farmers - and an enlarged and reveamped train station building.

The PPU                                                                                                                                                       The criteria set out in the PPU - the plan particulier d'urbanisme, or specific town planning plan - are based on seven interventions.  The first is to provide a dynamic living environment for residents, which will incite families to re-appropriate this sector of Mont-Tremblant.  The commercial offering will be renewed and will complement what's available in the Centre-ville and Tremblant Resort.

As mentioned earlier, the PPU also anticipates enlarging access to Lac Mercier, which will allow a greater number of people to enjoy it.  The Village hub will also be planned as the preferred place to access the various trail networks.  To retain the village feeling, the existing heritage building will be highlighted, all of this ''while carefully respecting the environment,'' says Luc Brisebois firmly.  Lastly, parking availability will be increased and installation of improved signals and signage is planned.

The cost                                                                                                                                                        The real estate properties, sold t the Ville de Mont-Tremblant for $4.5 million in the transaction, are evaluated at $4.9 million.  The borrowing by-law stipulates that the Ville will pay $900,000 per year for five years, coming out of surplus funds.  ''There will be no impact on citizens' tax rates,'' the mayor states.

''The Ville is thus the purchaser of all the properties that currently belong to Auberge La Porte Rouge.  The owners of the Auberge will, however, continue to run their business until 2018,'' says the press release.

''It's important to remember that the actions we're taking are being taken on behalf of our people, giving them the opportunity to work and earn their living in Mont-Tremblant, while ensuring that our major industry remains healthy and adapts to new trends,'' the mayor concludes.

Source: Guillaume Vincent, Tremblant Express, December 2016

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